Atheer Labs wants to make its augmented reality glasses a reality on Indigogo


Atheer Labs isn’t the only company chasing Tony Stark, but it is the very latest to offer a set of smart glasses to developers — enabling them to build out 3D touchless gesture controlled apps. Like its competitor, Meta, Atheer wants to do away with restrictive conventional computing and replace it with augmented reality. The idea is to, eventually, combine your real and digital worlds seamlessly through the power of smart glasses and wearable computers. Unlike Meta, however, Atheer’s using Android underpinnings, and will let users run regular Android applications on their faces while they wait for the 3D apps to arrive.

As have many others, Atheer’s chosen Indiegogo as the means to connect with code monkeys and get them building applications for its platform. And, with the launch of the funding campaign comes the revelation of both a dev kit and the company’s first set of consumer specs, dubbed Atheer One. Folks willing to spend $850 for a developer kit now will get their hardware in March 2014. Early adopters wanting the One headset need only pay $350, but won’t receive it until the end of next year. What you see above (dev kit on the right, Atheer One on the left) is close to what will make its way into backers’ hands, but the hardware’s not yet final.



Atheer is a long ways away from achieving the kind of user experience shown in its promo video. Still, if you’re a developer looking to tinker with three dimensional, augmented reality computing, or an early adopter who wants to see this new wave of tech evolve firsthand — and you’ve got the disposable income — Atheer may have just what you’re looking for.


Source: Indiegogo

Source: Engadget

Author: Daily Tech Whip

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