Facebook turned down both of WhatsApp co-founders when they applied for jobs there


Both Founders of WhatsApp, Jan Koum and Brian Acton tried and failed to get jobs at Facebook after becoming dissatisfied at working at Yahoo.

Brian Acton confirmed it in a recent interview with Forbes Magazine “We’re part of the Facebook reject club” he said.

Brian also recorded his reaction for posterity in a tweet sent in August of 2009. He puts a positive spin on what was obviously a bad day but it shows just how quickly WhatsApp went from nothing to a $16 billion exit.

Acton seems to be a naturally upbeat guy judging by his chirpy response to also being turned down by Twitter only a few months earlier.


I’m sure there are no hard feelings now and it’s great to see a real life example of the age old expression “revenge is a dish best served four years later in the form of billions of dollars from an employer who didn’t want you the first time around.”

Tom Peters.


Author: Tom Peters

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