Judge rules that commercial drones are legal, effectively overturning FAA’s 2007 policy notice.

The FAA’s repeated claim that commercial drones are illegal has been cast aside by Federal Judge Patrick Geraghty who ruled in favor of Raphael Pirker. Raphael was fighting a $10,000 fine imposed by the FAA for filming a commercial at the University of Virginia.

The judge ruled that the FAA’s 2007 policy notice banning commercial drone use was legally unenforceable.

It is concluded that, as Complainant: has not issued an enforceable FAR regulatory rule governing model aircraft operation; has historically exempted model aircraft from the statutory FAR definitions of “aircraft” by relegating model aircraft operations to voluntary compliance with the guidance expressed in AC 91-57, Respondent’s model, aircraft operation was not subject to FAR regulation, and enforcement,

By concluding that the FAA had not established a law to ban commercial drone use the Judge dismissed the case against Raphael Pirker and (at least temporarily) made it legal to have Tacos delivered to my rooftop.

Please, please can someone make this happen immediately.


Andrew Richardson

Author: Andrew Richardson

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