Play: Steam games on the cheap thanks to daily Humble Bundles

Your average Humble Bundle is a fortnightly affair. Starting today, however, there’s going to be a fresh bundle every 24 hours for a period of two weeks, which ought to add up to some decent savings for Steam gamers.

If you’ve never partaken in one of these bundles before, then it’s pretty simple: You visit the site to see what’s on offer, choose how much (or how little) you want to pay for a bundle, decide how much of that money you want to allocate to a charity, and then look on in a contented stupor while the new titles magically weave their way into your Steam library.

If you head over there today, you can get the titles listed after the break for just £6 (or rather $10 — you have to pay in US currency, but the transaction should still be smooth for UK Steam members).

  • Metro 2033 — The atmospheric, post-apocalyptic, Russian-accented FPS whose graphics have been used to benchmark umpteen graphics cards. (Interestingly, Metro’s developer has had to move its HQ to Malta to avoid the Ukraine unrest.)
  • Saints Row: The Third with full DLC — It’s a bit like GTA, but with all of the boring bits taken out and a load of explicit, juvenile (and, in some countries, banned) humor swapped in.
  • Sacred 2 Gold – Monster-hackin’, werewolf-slashin’, didn’t-copy-everything-out-of-LOTR-pretendin’
  • Risen 2 — A dark, piratical RPG from 2012, slightly let down by over-simplistic combat.
  • Also in the bundle: Dead Island, Saints Row 2, Risen and Sacred Citadel.

And remember to check the Humble Bundle site daily, or subscribe to their newsletter, to find out what’s on offer over the coming days — we have no idea what tomorrow shall bring.


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