Polar Loop heart rate monitor tracks you running, riding AND getting ‘jiggy with it’

In a promo video that is equal parts earnest and ridiculous (the best ones often are) Polar have promoted their new product, the ‘Polar Loop’ by showing a young, happy, fit couple meeting up and hitting “100%” behind closed doors.

The Polar Loop’s major point of differentiation from the Jawbone/Nike Fuel band crowd is that it can track your heart rate as well.

This is actually a big deal and the Polar marketing team have chosen to answer the question that pretty much every person with a heart rate monitor has considered at one time or another – what happens to the ol’ ticker when you succumb to what the French sometimes describe as La petite mort?

Skip to 1:15 of the video to see it transform from every health cliche into something a bit cheekier and a lot braver than the standard tech marketing guff. The video closes out with a night shot of the city with Polar users ‘taking it to the max’ all over town. It may lack the whimsy and adventure of Wesley’s romance with Princess Buttercup* but Polar get their point across in their own not so subtle way.

The Polar Loop’s companion app has a slightly unfortunate name considering their marketing angle. It’s called the ‘Polar Flow’, I’m not sure if that’s a good name or if Polar is just a company full of braggarts trying to make me feel bad about my fading performance.

Well played marketing team. Sure, it’s a little bit silly but I loved it any way. I might even buy one now. Not that I’m going to hit 100% with anyone soon (you post one picture of you and a goat on Friendster and nobody accepts your OK Cupid requests – damn you all-knowing internet).




*A quick shoutout to @mab397 – Her passion for the Princess Bride is a constant reminder to never give up on ‘twoo love’.

Tom Peters.

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