Top tech stories of the day – Tue 24 September, 2013

China said to be unblocking sites like Facebook, Twitter and the NYT, but only in a small area of Shanghai

China unblocks social media sites for people inside the free trade zone in shanghai – China is said to be unblocking sites like Facebook, Twitter and the NYT, but only in a small part of Shanghai. The South China Morning Post reports the state has decided to unblock several foreign internet sites “considered politically sensitive,” but only in the free-trade zone of Shanghai’s Pudong New Area. According to “government sources,” the move to open access to sites including Facebook, Twitter (both of which were cut off in 2009) and The New York Times (blocked last year) is so visitors can “live and work happily in the free-trade zone.”



California creates law enabling teens to erase their embarrassing online past.  The Golden State is giving kids with less than perfect online judgment a clean slate. California Senate Bill 568 will require various online services offering access to minors the chance to remove all of the information they’ve posted. There’s a hard deadline of 2015 for the option to kick in, but this isn’t a catch-all: It only applies to content the user posts about themselves, not what a friend might tag them in.




Apple has refreshed its iMac series with a new generation of processors, the company announced today. The iMacs were visually redesigned in late 2012, but this update is focused on performance. The new models will include Intel’s more powerful fourth-generation Haswell processor, along with updated graphics — integrated Iris Pro for the base 21.5-inch model and an Nvidia GeForce 700 series graphic card for the 27-inch one, with upgrades available for both.



Android users can now remotely lock down a misplaced or stolen device from the web. Google has rolled this critical feature into Android Device Manager, which launched last month with location tracking and remote wipe functionality. Now the web tool lets you lock any Android smartphone running version 2.2 of the operating system and above.




BlackBerry have removed the new messenger app from the ITunes and Google Play stores. Andrew Bocking of BlackBerry explained that the leaked app was the problem. It’s an older version that overloaded company servers with “volumes of data traffic orders of magnitude higher than normal for each active user.” BlackBerry is now working to block users of the leaked app before releasing the proper Android and iOS software. As was the case on Saturday, no clear timetable is being offered as to when the cross-platform messaging app will be formally released. BB has had a rough week, the company was sold just hours after they decided to sell their jets and lay off 4,700 staff. Yes, BB have jets. What’s worse is they just spent 200 million dollars on a new one two months ago. Unfreakinbelievable.


Twitter is listing on the New York Stock Exchange rather than Nasdaq as it moves closer to becoming a public company. The choice to go with the NYSE comes after a string of technical glitches on Nasdaq including the one that plagued the Facebook IPO and led to Nasdaq paying out 10 million dollars in compensation to the SEC.


Samsung introduces its new ISOCELL smartphone imaging sensor, will hit production in Q4 2013
Samsung ISOCELL – Samsung’s offering up spoilers at what we can expect from future Galaxy smartphones — already. They will likely feature ISOCELL, the company’s new CMOS imaging sensor. It adds “advanced pixel technology” that polices the absorption of electrons for improved color fidelity, even when lighting isn’t ideal.



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