Is Twitter the new LinkedIn? 500K jobs posted monthly, will reach 2M/month in 2014


Fifteen new jobs are posted to Twitter every single minute, according to a new study by social recruiting company, and that that number has grown by 32 percent in just the last six months.

That growth rate, Gozaik co-founder Joe Budzienski says, will make Twitter the “dominant channel” for talent recruitment. And it’s not just tech.

The biggest category of jobs that companies are recruiting on Twitter for is sales, at almost 25 percent, just edging out IT or technology jobs. The other big category, surprisingly, is Medical/Dental, which accounts for almost 15 percent of all jobs posted on Twitter, Gozaik says, with jobs like anesthesiologist, orthodontist, and medical director.

Budzienski understands that might sound surprising to some:

“They are recruiting surgeons on Twitter and top-notch oncologists — many roles you don’t even see on LinkedIn,” he told me. “There are a lot of professionals on Twitter who blog and tweet about the medical field, so therefore you get lots of announcements coming out in the hopes that these individuals will see them.”

At existing growth rates, Twitter will reach two million job postings a month, Budzienski says. And he’s building an enterprise platform to help companies manage who they’re targeting in an otherwise fairly random and chaotic sea of 500 million tweets a day.

The top socially-recruited jobs on Twitter


The top socially-recruited jobs on Twitter

That kind of growth rate – and these kind of enterprise targeting tools – will help Twitter become a dominant job-search and recruiting platform, Budzienski believes. So much so that it could even challenge the grand old man of the careers space: LinkedIn.

“I think recruiting-wise there’s a new revolution that is accelerating: real-time hiring,” he says. “You can’t effectively get that on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is effective for someone who has the clout to have a very astute profile with lots of information, but’s also very difficult … and you get sold to a lot.”


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