Viber launches ‘Viber Out’ – call any phone from within the Viber App

In an aggressive shot across Skype’s bows Viber has announced it’s new service ‘Viber Out’ – A service that allows users to make calls from within the Viber App to any mobile or landline at significantly lower prices than Microsoft’s industry goliath.

The low per minute rates coupled with the omission of connection fees results in a significantly reduced per call cost. A fact that Viber were quick to draw attention to at launch.



Viber out also has another trick up it’s sleeve in that it displays your real telephone number to recipients allowing them to see via caller ID who the call is coming from. This feature is likely to very positively received in the age of call-screening.

Viber is also attempting to get a slice of the burgeoning ‘sticker’ market with this release. A fad that doesn’t appeal to all but the multi-million dollar revenue is an attractive drawcard. ‘Viber Out’ credit can be bought with an in-app purchase or with a credit card via Viber Desktop.

Viber already has an installed base of more than 200 million users, a number we think will rise given the size of the discounts as compared to other internet calling services.

Viber also released a new promotional video highlighting one of its signature characters – Violet.


Author: Andrew Richardson

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